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Velo Club Noviomagus riders circa 1964

Left to right: John "JP" Pendleton, Pete Gould.

Taken at Rowlands Castle green around 1964. John "JP" Pendleton was the founder of Southdown Velo which was formed from the Velo Club Noviomagus. Pete Gould was later the Managing Director of Moreys who sponsored the Isle of Wight's three day race for a number of years.

The Noviomagus jersey was based upon the Italian champion's jersey.

This photograph was supplied by Ann Owens (nee Ellis), now a member of CS Dynamo which is based in Exmouth. Ann was one of the earliest members of VC Noviomagus.

Photograph courtesy Ann Owens.

Velo Club Noviomagus riders in 1971

Left to right: Pete Wyatt, Chris Lattesl, unknown, Pete Dollery, Mike Perry (owner of Maestro in Nyetimber), Clive Hand, Phil Wood and Gerry Bromyard (still racing for the RN cycling club).

A staged photograph taken at Pilley Green Lodge to launch the sponsorship deal with Millers Driving School, hence the "L" plate on the jerseys.

Photograph courtesy John Pendleton.

Eugene Bardwell 1976 or 1977

A rare photograph of Eugene smiling.

Photograph courtesy John Pendleton.

Jeremy Dove 1978

Arguably one of the most naturally talented riders of his generation, Jeremy "Busby" Dove was unbeatable when inspired.

His numerous wins included the Wessex Division Circuit Championships and he briefly rode as a professional.

The picture was taken outside Spokes Cycles shop when they were sponsoring Velo Club Noviomagus.

Photograph courtesy John Pendleton.

Southdown Velo Riders with Ian Hallam 1981

Left to right: Ian Hallam (President), Dave Worland, James Shaw, Rob Allen, Lee Hopkins, Jim Wilkes, Trevor Beauchamp, Tim Booley, Martin Stubbs, Pete Dollery and Steve Worland.

The Birth of the Southdown Velo at Hambledon, with Ian Hallam professional and club President.

Photograph courtesy Dave Tudor.

Keith Jarrett at Tour of Hambledon 1983

Right to left: Tim Costello (VC St Raphael) leads Keith Jarrett.

Rivals, training partners and friends; Tim Costello and Keith Jarrett fought out the News Shield in 1983. Keith was the deserved overall winner at the end of the year.

Photograph courtesy John Pendleton.

Southdown Velo Riders at Rowlands Castle 1987

Left to right: John Pendleton, Stuart Seth, Hugh Broadhead, Olly Allridge, Tim Costello, Justin Hayday, Keith Jarrett, Nigel Guildford (sitting), Mark Staden (hidden), Graham Childs, ?, Paul Tribe, Patrick Blackman, Dave Edwards, Steve Voller, Phil Phillips (sitting), Rich Sellis, Lee Hodges, Adrian Brice (sitting) and Sean Hodges.

This picture was taken on the green at Rowlands Castle after a stage of the Tour of the Southdowns, promoted by the Southdown Velo.

Photograph courtesy John Pendleton.

Southdown Velo Junior Team at Oakdene 2-day 1987

Left to right: Mark Staden, Graham Childs, John Pendleton, Patrick Blackman and Sean Hodges

Photograph courtesy John Pendleton.

Moreys 3-day 1989

Left to right: Mark Staden (45th), Hugh Broadhead (6th and King of the Mountains) and Keith Jarrett (34th).

Cool shades Mark!

Photograph courtesy Garth Staden.

Junior riders 1990

Left to right: Rich Hoy, Eddy Collins, Gareth Smith, Steph Atkins, Steve Voller, Mike Clevett, Adrian Talles and Chris Redhead.

Photograph courtesy Garth Staden.

Gareth Smith winning in 1991

Cyclists Take Care! says the road sign, but Gareth Smith does not have time to worry as he romps to a clear win.

Photograph courtesy John Pendleton.

Butler Cycles photoshoot 1995

Left to right: Paul Jones, Hugh Broadhead, Mitch Dall (President and Sponsor), Neil Pragnell and Chris Redhead.

Part of the Butler Cycles sponsored squad of 1995.

Photograph courtesy Garth Staden.

Arun Bicycle photoshoot 1996

Left to right: (Back row) Alan Slade, John Lewry, Paul Beattie, Paul Jones, Stacey Buckland, Eugene Bardwell. (Middle row) Hugh Broadhead, Gerry Bromyard, Keith Allison, Sean Hodges, Eddy Collins, Danny Watson, Phil Phillips, Paul Ridegers. (Front row) Thomas Fordyce, Adam Slade, Gayle Slade, Tim Connell, Kevin Harman.

Southdown Velo was sponsored by Arun Bicycle during 1996. This photograph was taken in their shop to launch the sponsorship deal..

Photograph courtesy John Pendleton.

Crowhurst 2001

Mark Staden leads the break which also contains Shaun Smart

Inter-club Hill Climb 2001

Tim Costello

Bognor Regis Hilly 28 2001

Shaun Smart

Alfold 2002

Tim Costello

Perfs Pedal Race 2004

Tim Costello

Kirdford 2004

Tim Costello