Weekend rides

Who can join our rides?

We welcome people to join our rides if they are thinking about joining Southdown Velo or wish to find out more about local cycling clubs and which one might be the most suitable one for them.

We also welcome visitors to the area or the occasional rider to join us.

If you wish to ride with us regularly we would really like you to join Southdown Velo. To find out more about joining Southdown Velo go to the join us page.

All riders are expected to obey the Highway Code and display courtesy to other road users.

There are two rides: Saturday rides which are an easy pace and Sunday rides which are mainly intended as training sessions. More details below.

What about first aid?

We have a number of members trained in first aid so that, although not guaranteed, there is usually at least one trained first aider on the Saturday rides.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

The club committee recommends that riders wear helmets, but it is not compulsory.

Sunday training rides

For information on Sunday rides contact Shaun Smart on  07976 446805 or see Club Facebook page.

The Sunday rides are usually quite competitive and many riders are using it as training for racing. If you are looking for a more relaxed ride see below for Saturday rides.

Saturday easy rides

Saturday rides start at the Mercedes Garage on the Bognor Road at 09:00.


The rides head out to the Cafe at Rowlands Castle for tea and cakes.

The aim of the ride is to set a leisurely pace that all riders are comfortable with.