Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations by



On the roads used for the WORLD CYCLING CHAMPIONSHIPS

The Goodwood Classic is a Qualifying Event for the Sussex CA SPOCO Competition


Don’t forget your Helmet 

This is a “Hardshell Helmet Compulsory” Event.


Riders are also advised to use a flashing rear light especially if the weather is overcast and visibility is poor 

Welcome to The Goodwood Classic Hilly Time Trial


Thank you for entering our event and we trust you will have a safe and enjoyable ride over the roads used for the 1982 World Championships.

We suggest you do not use light tyres or tubulars as there is a greater than normal risk of puncturing in the country lanes.


IN THE INTERESTS OF YOUR OWN SAFETY, this event has been designated as a Hardshell Helmet Compulsory Event. Cycling Time Trials (CTT) and the Southdown Velo Cycling Club require you to wear a HARD SHELL HELMET that meets an internationally accepted safety standard.

You are advised to use a flashing rear light especially if the weather is overcast and visibility is poor. Many of the narrow lanes used for this event are lined with high trees.


You are also reminded that Event Promoters have been instructed by Cycling Time Trials to issue a formal written warning to any rider observed riding in a manner which may jeopardise your own safety, the safety of others and the future of the sport. Please take care in the narrow lanes.


Spectators and supporters are particularly welcome. The Goodwood Classic is a unique Time Trial in that there are several vantage points around the course for seeing and encouraging riders. However spectators and supporters are requested not to park or stop vehicles or otherwise impede the visibility for marshals and riders at junctions and crossroads. It is particularly important that both riders and marshals have a clear, unobstructed view at Pilleygreen Lodges crossroads where riders will travel in three directions during the event.


If you have to drive rather than cycle to see the event, please think before you stop or park.

No following cars please. Regulation 22 will be strictly enforced in the interests of safety for other riders in the narrow lanes used for the event. .

Your times will be relayed to the Headquarters and no times will be given to riders or their supporters by the Timekeeper at the Finish.

Your number may be exchanged for a drink at the Headquarters where refreshments will be served. We hope all spectators and supporters will join the riders at the Headquarters after the event.



There is an award to the fastest rider to reach the Plaque to commemorate the


This Plaque is located by the Goodwood Race Course after riders have climbed Singleton Shoot over Charlton Down and turned sharp left up the hill used for the Finish of the 1982 World Championship. It is approximately 6.5 miles from the Start.




DATE: Sunday 12th October 2014

TIME: 08.00 Hours

COURSE: P911 - Goodwood Area - 27 Miles


24 Pipers Mead, Birdham,

Chichester, West Sussex PO20 7BJ

Telephone 01243 513764

TIMEKEEPERS: Mike Marchant…SDV- Tracey Webb - SDV

PRIME Kathy Collard – Berry …a3crg

RECORDER: Kit Magrath BRCC                                                     

EVENT HEADQUARTERS: Lavant Memorial Hall, Pook Lane, Lavant

Map Reference Sheet 197 SU857082

CAR PARKING: At the Event Headquarters


SIGNING ON Allow 15 minutes to ride to the START (2.0 miles)

CTT Rules & Regulations The event will held under the Rules & Regulations of Cycling Time Trials. The attention of ALL riders is drawn to Regulations 1, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22 and 25 in the 2007 CTT Handbook

OBSERVERS: Observers may be in attendance along the course.



Starting Steward (or Pusher Off) Darryl Rice SDV

Top Charlton Down (Trundle Car Park) Phil Smeeth SDV (and mum)

Charlton Village Hannah Banham SDV

Singleton Village Julia Lampham SDV

Singleton Junction with A286 Alastair Mallett SDV

Town Lane Hill (Singleton Shoot) David Bridle SDV

Goodwood Race Course Catherine Smith

Pilleygreen Crossroads Clair Goddard & Tim Goddard SDV

Benges Anne Marshall SDV

Upwaltham Jenn Green

East Dean Alistair Mckellar SDV

Westerton Corner  Phil Wise SDV (course checker)

Lavant Straight Richard Bevan SDV

But remember the onus of keeping to the Course rests with the rider.

Refreshments will be served at the Headquarters by Andrew Bellamy and Anna Scott.


First - £30

Second -£20

Third - £10

First Lady £15

Veteran on Standard Age 40-54

First - £15

Second - £10

Veteran on Standard Age 55+

First - £15

Second - £10

Scratch Team Winners (3 riders)

SDV medals

Veteran on Standard Team Prize (3 riders)

SDV medals


£10 and Medal




START At the entrance to The Valdoe, approximately 250 yards north of Woodcote RAB on Kennel Hill (GR SU881078).

PROCEED north past the Golf Club and climb Kennel Hill to Charlton Down where take RIGHT fork to descend Knights Hill to Charlton. Turn LEFT at village crossroads to Singleton where bear right keeping to the main street to the T junction with the A286. Turn LEFT on to A286 and proceed south to take second LEFT to climb Town Lane Hill (Singleton Shoot) to Charlton Down. (GR SU880113).

COMMENCE the descent of Kennel Hill and then turn sharp LEFT to proceed east to the GOODWOOD PRIME opposite the plaque to commemorate the 1982 Worlds Cycling Championships (GR SU884108).

CONTINUE east after the Prime past Goodwood Race Course through Pilleygreen Lodges Crossroads and Selhurst Park to Benges (GR SU939120). Turn LEFT on to A285 and descend Upwaltham Hill. Turn sharp LEFT at the bottom of Upwaltham Hill into Droke Lane and proceed to East Dean (GR SU903128). Turn LEFT at village pond in East Dean and climb East Dean Hill to Pilleygreen Lodges Crossroads. Straight across and descend New Barn Hill to Waterbeach and Westerton Crossroads. Turn LEFT and proceed along New Road (Lavant Straight) to junction with A285 (GR SU900075). Turn LEFT on to A285 and proceed through Halnaker to climb Benges Hill (GR SU939120). Turn LEFT and proceed through Selhurst Park and Pilleygreen Lodges Crossroads to the T junction with Kennel Hill at Goodwood Race Course. Turn LEFT to descend Kennel Hill past the Golf Club to

FINISH 250 yards north of Woodcote RAB and approximately 25 yards short of the START (27 Miles) (GR SU881079).


Great care must be taken at all times in the narrow lanes and especially at the following places to meet the requirements of Sussex Police and to ensure their continued co-operation.

1. In both directions passing Goodwood Golf Club & Club House and the junction with Goodwood Road on Kennel Hill.

2. Turning RIGHT at Charlton Down. Later starters must give way to riders who have climbed Town Lane Hill (Singleton Shoot) and are en route back to Goodwood Race Course.

3. Descending Knights Hill to Charlton particularly at the bend near the bottom and when turning LEFT for Singleton.

4. When passing through Singleton and East Dean Villages. Watch out for parked vehicles.

5. When turning LEFT into Droke Lane and proceeding to East Dean. This single track road can be muddy and slippery. Watch out for cyclists at Haredown Mountain Bike Centre.

6. When crossing at Pilleygreen Lodges after climbing East Dean Hill. RIDERS MUST GIVE WAY to any rider or other road user coming from Goodwood Race Course or the Benges.

7. When descending from Pilleygreen Lodges to Waterbeach. Riders must keep to the left at all times except when overtaking other road users.

8. When negotiating LEFT turns. Riders must not cross the white line in the centre of the road - especially when turning on to the A285 and A286.

9. Watch out for Deer, Game Birds (the feathered variety) and Cattle.


Any rider observed riding in a manner which may jeopardise his or her own safety, the safety of others and the future of this event and the sport will be disqualified and reported to CTT South District Council.

PLEASE NOTE The Course will be well signed but it may not be possible to place marshals at all LEFT Turns. If there is no marshal at a T junction then turn LEFT.

Safe routes to start

The Headquarters will be at Lavant Village Hall, Pook Lane,Lavant GR SU 857082

The safe route to the start is to proceed East on Pook Lane to cross bridge over the River Lavant. Turn right into Fordwater Road and thence on New Road to Woodcote RAB.  Turn LEFT, 1st exit and proceed to START at the entrance to The Valdoe.

Safe routes from the finish

The safe route to return to the headquarters at Lavant Memorial Hall is to proceed to Woodcote RAB.  Turn RIGHT, 3rd exit on to New Road and thence Fordwater Road to turn LEFT into Pook Lane.

Course Profile:

Start list: 

1 James VANIERIS SDV S   8.01
2 Don PARKER Brighton Mitre V65   8.02
3 Jake DAVIES SDV S   8.03
4 Mike ANDERSON Velo Club St Raphael V56   8.04
5 Richard DAVIDSON Poole Wheelers V49   8.05
6 Chris MEEUS SDV S   8.06
7 Simon CRAIG-MCFEELY …a3crg V55   8.07
8 Aaron SMITH SDV 16   8.08
9 Chris MAGUIRE HRCC V51   8.09
10 Greg PARKER Velo Club St Raphael V50   8.10
11 John BANHAM SDV S   8.11
12 Joel GARNER …a3crg V43   8.12
13 Ben BRIFFETT SDV 17   8.13
14 Jon FRY Horsham Cycling V43   8.14
15 Matt CLEAVER SDV S   8.15
16 Leon FIELDING …a3crg S   8.16
17 Dave POTHECARY SDV V62   8.17
18 Deborah SMITH BRCC F   8.18
19 Oliver WISE SDV 14   8.19
20 Stepen WALKING Velo Club St Raphael V46   8.20
21 Ben BRADLEY SDV S   8.21
22 Geoff SMITH Eastbourne Rovers CC V64   8.22
23 Peter HICKS SDV V66   8.23
24 John MARINKO Brighton Mitre V49   8.24
25 Alex NAPIER SDV V41   8.25
26 Den TAPPING HRCC V57   8.26
27 Alex RICE SDV V43   8.27
28 Colin CROCKER Sotonia CC V64   8.28
29 Alan BARBARY SDV S   8.29
30 Sebastian ADER …a3crg V43   8.30
31 Shaun SMART SDV V50   8.31
32 Bryn REEVES Horsham Cycling Club V48   8.32
33 John GLAYSHER …a3crg S   8.33
34 Philip BEVAN SDV V60   8.34
35 Tom PRITCHARD HRCC S   8.35
36 Andy TEDD …a3crg V47   8.36
37 Phil BOARER SDV V50   8.37
38 Dave DENT Wightlink/Offshore RT V50   8.38
39 Derek FINCH SDV S   8.39
40 Wouter SYBRANDY Sigma Sport S   8.40
41 Trevor DELOOZE SDV V50   8.41
42 Mike ANTON East Grinstead CC V46   8.42
43 Phil WENG SDV V52   8.43
44 Robin JOHNSON Brighton Mitre V66   8.44
45 David DALTON Fareham Wheelers V48   8.45