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Saturday Ride with Extras

Saturday Ride with Extras
Phil Wise - Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Celebrating a return to riding with the club, on Saturday 22nd May, we'll be having an alternative stop on our Saturday ride. We'll be meeting at the Woodmancote between 11.30 and 13.30 for lunch and a post-COVID get-together. The Woodmancote is the only pub in, errm, Woodmancote, but if you're still not sure where it is, here's a link to their website.

The Woodmancote Pub

Full details available from John Crawley and thanks to him for organising.

Club Rides

Club Rides
Phil Wise - Monday, April 19, 2021

Your committee met today, and one of the items discussed was club rides, and what our view is. There remains some confusion about what is and isnt permitted, so we thought it would be a good idea to set out our understanding of the rules, and how they apply to us as a club.

In theory, you are allowed to ride in organised groups of up to 15 at the moment. However, this is subject to some very stringent conditions (including rules about where we can ride, how far apart we need to say, hand hygiene, keeping records of who is riding, informing the club if you get COVID symptoms etc). A few of us have seen other, larger groups riding, and they will need to adhere to these rules.

Our view is that we don't think we can honestly stick to the current, stringent rules, and that riding in large groups may give rise to criticism at the moment.

The next change is scheduled for 17th May, when many of the rules should be relaxed and we hope we will be able to return to club rides then (or shortly afterwards). In the meantime, please enjoy your rides in groups of up to six, and we hope to see each other out and about.

We are keen for the club to be up and running (or riding!) soon and we should be able to report soon on some great social events, time trials and maybe even some racing. Any queries, please contact any of the committee members.

Rowlands Castle Cafe

Rowlands Castle Cafe
Phil Wise - Thursday, July 16, 2020

We have had some feedback regarding the cafe at Rowlands Castle and I'd be grateful if we could all give some thought, before Saturday, to how we behave when we are there, to help out the cafe owners and to keep up the club's good reputation.

The cafe is offering table service and trying to stay within the current guidelines. Last weekend, members (including me) moved chairs and tables to sit in larger groups, and the cafe had laid out tables and chairs carefully to comply with the rules. If you want to sit at the cafe, please follow their rules and sit in groups of four and dont move tables and chairs around.
It's not a bad idea to make use of the take away service and to sit on the village green, where we won't be putting the cafe owners in an awkward position. It's important to remain aware of the club's reputation too, so it is better to avoid sitting in large groups. There are quite a lot of people who are keen to have a pop at cyclists, so lets try to avoid giving them extra ammunition. The cafe will also appreciate our co-operation.
Thanks in advance







Phil Wise - Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Your committee has been discussing the implications of coronavirus for the club, and we have agreed some significant, temporary changes.


As a club, we feel that we should follow government guidance, in line with the request for each of us to comply with the scientific advice to lower the peak of the pandemic. We are also mindful of the image of the club, and of cycling in general.


As a result, we have reluctantly concluded that we should suspend the Saturday ride for the foreseeable future.


We appreciate that smaller groups will still want to go out together. We would encourage you not to wear full club kit if you are riding as a group, as this wont be a club sanctioned ride and we want to avoid giving the impression that SDV isn’t taking this matter seriously.


I am sure that some of our regular cafes will still appreciate the support of cyclists, particularly if we are considerate towards their other customers (remember that we can be a bit sweaty and mucky!). Let's spread the word about which cafes are open on our facebook page.


We hope that the situation will get back to normal soon and it won’t be long till the club ride returns, along with racing, time trialling, sportives etc.


In the meantime, look after yourselves, stay strong and let us know about your rides on the club facebook page! Look out for updates and photos on the news section of the website.

Saturday Club Ride

Saturday Club Ride
Phil Wise - Sunday, March 08, 2020

Great turn out on Saturday, with about 20 members doing the full route (adapted because of the lakes that have formed where roads used to be in Hampshire!), and about 30 in the cafe. How many SDV does it take to mend a puncture?

Mountbatten Racing - Coming Soon

Mountbatten Racing - Coming Soon
Phil Wise - Friday, March 06, 2020

Not long till the racing season commences!

There will be two series of races at the Mountbatten centre in Portsmouth this year - the Omega Portsmouth Circuits, on Saturday mornings, and the Portsmouth Evening Circuits, on Wednesday evenings.

Additionally, on 11th April, there are the Portsmouth Easter Circuits (featuring a category 4 race at 09.00, women's at 09.45 and category 3 at 10.30, as well as an Elite 1/2/3 race). 

The Saturday races start on 4th April, including a category 4 race (at 9 am), women's at 09.35 and cat 3 at 10.10. The format is repeated on 2nd May, 23rd May, 11th July and 29th August. Mountbatten is a great place to race and you can warm down by cycling to the cafe at Rowlands and telling people how you got on.


The first Wednesday evening race is on 1st April (I'm not joking), but the first 4th category race isn't until 6th May. The 4th category races start at 19.30, with the start time for 3rd cats varying (check the British Cycling website).

Full details can be found on the events page of the British Cycling website



Dates for Thruxton

Dates for Thruxton
Phil Wise - Sunday, March 01, 2020

Not long now until racing starts at Thruxton. The races at Thruxton are friendly and well attended, and this year they start before Goodwood, so they are a great way to get some practice in. I expect that there will be a few of us going over to Thruxton for most of the events, and last year Phil Wise, Tony Toynton, Nick Fenmor-Collins, Mark Trimmer, Paul Lewis and Jake Davies all raced there. Let one of us know if you are keen to go. The early season dates are:

Tuesday 7th April
Tuesday 14th April
Tuesday 21st April
Tuesday 28th April

Portsdown Time Trial League is back this year

Portsdown Time Trial League is back this year
Phil Wise - Saturday, February 15, 2020

After a two year absence the Portsdown Time Trial League will returning this year. The PTTL is an inter-club league, with points being awarded based on how many people turn out for the club, as well as where you finish. You don't have to enter every event - you can just enter one.

You dont need a time trial bike to enter and these are great events for those who are new to time trialling, as well as experienced competitors. They are friendly events with cake at the end!

We currently have 4 events agreed already and hope to add another, so save the dates (if you dont know what the course references mean, or if you need info about distances or what you have to do, ask Shaun Smart or one of the other regulars like Deb Smith, Phil Wise, Keith Webb, Mark Trimmer or Dave Bridle):

Sunday 15th March 07:30 - Course P851C/15 Hampshire Road Club


Sunday 17th May 07:30 Course P822c/35k Portsmouth North End Cycling Club


Sunday 5th July 07:00 Course P825A/25 Fareham Wheelers


Sunday 4th October 08:00 Course P911/28 Southdown Velo


We will be ending the League in Chichester on the 4th of October on Southdown Velo's OPEN event. The other events will be club events. If you're not sure what this means, ask Shaun or one of the other regulars.



Exciting Year Ahead

Exciting Year Ahead
Phil Wise - Monday, February 10, 2020

Looking forward to the New Year

Exciting events coming up for 2020 for us all to look forward to:

  • The return of our popular and successful series of races at the Goodwood motor racing circuit
  • SDV's time trial series. Four TTs planned.
Racers and volunteers needed!

We'll be racing at Thruxton, Mountbatten and elsewhere and taking part in time trials around the county and further afield.

Plans are also afoot for an end to end mountain bike ride on the South Downs Way, later in the year.

Don't forget the Isle of Wight Randonnee, which takes place on 3rd May this year.

And, of course, our regular weekly Saturday ride - meet us at 9.00 am at the Mercedes Garage on the A259, between Chichester and Bognor Regis. Just come along and give it a try; or contact Shaun Smart on 07976 446 805 for more info.

We'll be posting more information about these and other events on the website, so keep an eye out for news.


2018 award winners

2018 award winners
Tony Toynton - Monday, January 28, 2019

Our 2018 award winners were announced at the AGM last night (27th January 2018) club chairman Garth Staden awarded Time Trial champion award to Shaun Smart, Road race champion Sam Horwill, Most improved road racer Martin Cleaver and Most improved non-race member Sandy Langmead


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