Club Rides


Your committee met today, and one of the items discussed was club rides, and what our view is. There remains some confusion about what is and isnt permitted, so we thought it would be a good idea to set out our understanding of the rules, and how they apply to us as a club.

In theory, you are allowed to ride in organised groups of up to 15 at the moment. However, this is subject to some very stringent conditions (including rules about where we can ride, how far apart we need to say, hand hygiene, keeping records of who is riding, informing the club if you get COVID symptoms etc). A few of us have seen other, larger groups riding, and they will need to adhere to these rules.

Our view is that we don't think we can honestly stick to the current, stringent rules, and that riding in large groups may give rise to criticism at the moment.

The next change is scheduled for 17th May, when many of the rules should be relaxed and we hope we will be able to return to club rides then (or shortly afterwards). In the meantime, please enjoy your rides in groups of up to six, and we hope to see each other out and about.

We are keen for the club to be up and running (or riding!) soon and we should be able to report soon on some great social events, time trials and maybe even some racing. Any queries, please contact any of the committe members.


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